Euasia DTA is active from 40 years on world Market of garments and footwear.

About us

Euasia DTA born from an idea of Gianfranco Reggiani, who is active from 40 years on world Market of garments and footwear.
On 1974 starts on project and design technical and outdoor equipment, founded in Italy STD Reggiani Company.
From the very beginning, we have not limited our work only to the development of a collection presenting only simple sketches or styles suitable for one specific season: research and technique applied to the garment field always been a MUST.

In fact STD presented kevlar footwear already in the early 1994; in 1998 we made a collection of garments that do not need ironing and in 2000 we designed and realized no-stain and water-proof fabrics ( the garment dries out in less than 2 minutes at environment temperature )
Even if at the beginning of the 1980s STD carried out mainly stylistic and design work, STD has never forgotten research, which has allowed us on 1993 to built a representative office in Hong Kong, and on 1996 to open a factory in Nantong (Jiangsu China) where we have realized prototypes and samples for customer besides following every production steps.
STD Nantong has checked and tested fabrics, water and / or wind resistance fabrics and has developped paper patterns thanks to the latest generation CAD systems creating a tight link between the Italian styling, the Far East production and the quality standards requested by customers.

The continuous market developments and evolutions have required a deeper engagement and, while already being one of the few companies following the Human Rights standards request, the STD Reggiani has opened their own production unity in the GuangDong area.

Heshan STD Garments

So we created the HESHAN STD Garment Manufactoring CO LTD, an occidental reality inside the Oriental life with a very high level machinery, technique and organization involving hundreds of people only as regards the stitching department.
But stilli s not sufficien because the Market grows quickly and Heshan STD productivity is not enouth, therefore during 2008 production expanded ulteriorly and born The Dandong Dragon STD, which is placed side by side to the team ond closed the productive circle.

SVR Development

On 2010 it opens the SVR Development in Switzerland, than it is placed side by side to this total organization for the development trades them of production in Europe and the World.

Euasia DTA

Euasia DTA manages and coordinates all these Companies, investing in human resources and technology: the target is always sourcing the best and control all the steps from beginning of the project to samples, production and deliveries.

Now the service is total: this Team has costumers in the 5 Continents, realizes plans, proposes raw materials and accessories, realize paper patterns prototypes and collections of samples, manage production orders, total quality and deliveries.
We deal with Top world brands suppliers and costumers, we produce high technical garments and we offer even a design service, research and development, prototypes and samples with related technical sheets and industrial productions.

The 40 years experience matured in the field and grow in the constant search of quality, pushes u sto offer solutions and added value for the sportswear, technical, outdoor.

We are specializes in productions:

  • Funcional and performance Outdoor garments
  • Extreme mountain equipments
  • Tech sailing garments
  • Tech motorcycle garments
  • 2 layers and direct filling down garments
  • Hi tech ski wear
  • Bonded and taped sports wear
  • Surf and beach wear
  • Garment dye and special finished knit wear
  • Professional protection and performance equipments

We cultivate from always long business relationships with our costumers, but we are always engages to increase our partner in market, constantly looking for Companies that trust us as able to satisfy their requirements.